"capturing the beauty of life; in the small mundane moments to the most important life events"

Kristin Marie

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I am a homeschool momma to 4 wonderful children. We practically live outside. If we aren't at a park, beach, or in nature- you can find me on the porch; reading a good book, sipping a cup of coffee. My life has become quite the unexpected and unwanted journey; full of the deepest of pains, yet finding the deepest of comforts. God has used all this pain to write something breathtakingly beautiful. I always wanted to see a miracle in my circumstances, but all along the miracle He was birthing, was in me.

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Seeing life through the lens of awe and wonder

Behind the camera- Kristin Marie

I have been pulled towards the creative arts since I was little; whether it's music, drawing, photography, painting, or writing. I have found in the deepest pains in my life, God has used these gifts in me to draw me closer to Him and give me a creative outlet in ways to express my heart. They aren't just forms of art to me, but an expression of who I am and who He is. They are reminders of His presence in my life and how He has carried me all these years. Jesus has made us to receive, and bear His image!

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Trust me, I know how much you want to hold on to every second

your story is worth telling

I would love to capture your stories. The here and now. The long awaited for. The not yet. The real, the raw, the good, and the beautiful. In the waiting. In the fulfillment. Taking the small moments and piecing them together. When we look back, we realize we wouldn't have it any other way. We see our life through the lens of the "long journey". Through the hard, the long, the pain, and the joy and light- we see our life matters and it tells a story. A story worth telling and remembering.

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Life doesn't always go how we expected it to; yet we can find the beauty... even there...even then... even if...

How quickly we forget the God who lives in everyday. How easy to lose sight that You reside in the mundane. How quickly we forget the power that's running through our veins. The kind of power that empties graves. Oh my soul, remember who you're talking to, the only one who death bows to. That's the God who walks with you.

We must cherish our children...for they are the footprints we will leave behind.

The secret is Christ in me, not me in a different set of circumstances. We must learn to embrace where we are now. In the happiness, in the grief, in the triumph, in the sorrow. Living life in the moment, in the now. Not waiting for life to come, or change into what we expected-but to embrace it as it is... now.

Suffering is like a great wave that comes upon a ship and looks like it will destroy it. Yet the ship catches the momentum of the wave and uses it to ride and reign! Suffering can have a cleansing and reconciling effect upon us if we press into God and not lose heart during the storm. Our eyes lifted to the One who is above the storm, not phased by the storm, and who brings His presence into the middle of the storm. Peace be still.