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I am always open to scheduling a time for coffee before our session, and meeting face to face! There is something about being personal and intimate- coffee and life together! You are not just another client to me!


How many pictures will we receive?

Typically you will receive around 30 digital images from a one hour session. Mini sessions will receive around 15 images. For weddings, it depends on the allotted coverage time; from simple to intricate weddings- the amount of photos will vary. A basic wedding typically has 200-400 images. Every session has professionally edited images that are done manually. Each picture is given attention to lighting, composure, color, and depth. Photographer has been trained in workshops, Lightroom, and always desiring to learn/grow for the clients benefit and service!

What’s the best time to have a session with a newborn?

Newborn babies grow and change so fast. For the best experience, newborn photos should be done within the first month, if not sooner. They are sleepy and relaxed those first few weeks after delivery, which makes things flow smoothly for our session. No stress momma! As a mother of 4 (who all nursed) I am extremely patient and flexible, and welcome nursing breaks.

For maternity, momma should be anywhere from 28-34 weeks. Although I have done sessions for mommas in their birth week and also earlier in pregnancy! Some women show earlier and therefore could do their sessions earlier. Some women don't show until the end of pregnancy. We work with our clients desires and meet them where they are at!

What is the best time for a session?

Natural lighting. Natural lighting. Natural lighting.

The first hour after sunrise and the first hour before sunset are undoubtedly the best time for pictures. The lighting at this time of day is stunning. Overcast days are actually great for shooting as the clouds work as a natural reflectant and cover any direct sunlight. If it rains on your session day, we will reschedule.

For sessions in home, I recommend taking pictures during different times of the day to find where the best natural light is coming through. We will plan our session around that.

If sessions can only be done around the middle of the day. shooting in shade will be our friend. Harsh and direct lighting can create shadow and other undesired elements in the photos.

Where are you based?

I currently live in Apollo Beach, FL. I serve surrounding areas near Tampa ; Clearwater, St Pete, Sarasota, Orlando. I am willing to travel.

I am originally from Kansas (when I picture heaven, it's a good ole Kansas prairie in the Flint Hills). I have also lived in North Carolina, and Tennessee. Wherever we are, your photos will be stunning!

How will the photos be delivered?

The photos will be delivered to your email with a link to your online gallery. From there, you can download your photos, share the link with family/friends, share to social media, and order prints.

What to wear?

Neutral, soft, creamy, earthy colors make for breathtaking photos. Family portraits should be well coordinated; I provide complimentary wardrobe inspiration during our initial booking. Solid colors or subtle patterns look best when put on the backdrop of nature. Keep it simple, classy, and neutral. Low contrast outfits look best and give the "light and airy" look. Avoid logos, harsh colors/ patterns, and inappropriate dressing.